Boyd Holbrook Won’t Return For Narcos Season 3


As one of the streaming service’s biggest hits, it was really no surprise when Netflix chose to renew Narcos for a third and fourth season back in the fall. The show will now move on from chronicling the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar though, shifting its focus to the Cali Cartel instead. As such, many things will be changing on the series, including its cast, and one character that fans have been wondering about in regards to if they’ll ever see him again is Boyd Holbrook’s Steve Murphy.

Given that the real Murphy returned to the United States shortly after his role in helping to bring down Escobar, having the character come back for season 3 was always questionable. Now, however, the actor has spoken up on the matter, confirming that he definitely won’t be making an appearance when Narcos hits Netflix again later this year.

Chatting with us earlier today to promote his new film Logan, we asked Holbrook what we can expect from the series when it returns, to which he replied, “it’s shooting right now actually, but not with me. I’m not in it.” He couldn’t tell us anything else, of course, given that he’s not involved, but at least we now know not to expect Murphy to show up again. And honestly, that makes perfect sense.

As we mentioned above, he returned to the US after Pablo was killed and aside from that, Holbrook is becoming a pretty big star right now. With a role in the new Wolverine film he’ll only continue to climb higher on Hollywood’s ladder of fame and we wouldn’t blame him for wanting to take on more big screen roles. That being said, he’ll definitely be missed on Narcos, but we’re curious to see how the show will continue to develop now that he won’t be around, especially since Murphy acted as the narrator for the first two seasons.

Netflix’s slate of original content only continues to impress both in terms of its diversity and top-tier talent, and Narcos is a fine example of a pulse-pounding thrill ride with an all-star ensemble to match. It’ll return without Holbrook later this year, which is unfortunate, but we’re sure that it’ll still be every bit as electrifying as what came before.