The Boys Season 2 Has Now Wrapped, Will Release Mid-2020

The Boys

Amazon’s The Boys was one of the nicest surprises of the year. I read some of Garth Ennis’ original comic upon its release, but it felt a little too self-consciously offensive so I gave up mid-way through the run. When The Boys premiered, I tuned in with fairly low expectations, but it completely blew me away. I watched most of it in a single-sitting, hoovering up its wicked sense of humor, excellent performances and surprisingly sincere core. With season 1 ending on a twist, I immediately set to finding out when we’d get more of it.

Now, we know the (rough) answer. Karl Urban, who plays Billy Butcher, has posted an image on Instagram to mark the wrap of season 2’s shoot, announcing that it’ll land in mid-2020.

“Cut and print ! That’s a wrap for Billy Butcher on season 2 of @theboystv . Massive thanks to our awesome Crew n cast , love you all . The Boys 2 On yer telle Mid 2020 #gonefishing

It’s very easy to imagine Billy Butcher saying all that. Even better, with season 1 a critical smash and a hit with audiences, Amazon are upping the budget. Executive Producer Seth Rogen explained that:

“They already have more resources for the second season. They’re adding more characters, the scope of the show organically grows as the show continues. We just watched, actually, the first episode of the second season this week. It was a wonderful thing as producers. This is way better than I ever could’ve hoped it would be.”

Erik Kripke, also producing, cranked up the hype even further, stating:

“I’m so beyond thrilled with the response to Season 1. And mainly, it’s made me get my ass in gear and work even harder on Season 2. I don’t want Season 2 to go bigger, I want it to go deeper. A more intense, more insane, more wrenching, more character-driven season. It’s my one and only goal to make Season 2 even better than Season 1.”

All I can say is bring it on. I want to see Homelander get taken down a peg or two and how Billy Butcher reacts to his wife’s return. I also want to see more of the wonderful Erin Moriarty. Given that season 1 premiered on July 29th, 2019, I’d expect season 2 of The Boys to land sometime around then in 2020. Watch this space for more.