The Boys Star Teases Homelander’s Return With New Season 3 Set Photo

The Boys

The crew of Eric Kripke’s The Boys has just begun principal photography on the third season of the show and now, some new set photos are beginning to emerge.

As you’ll know, the previous run left things off in a precarious situation. Hughie is taking a break from the gang to find his own way in the fight against Supes, while Billy Butcher is grieving the death of his beloved, which, by every indication, will only help to make him more reckless and dangerous. Starlight is also adjusting to the treacherous environment of the Seven, whose leader Homelander would’ve killed her if not for Maeve’s timely intervention and blackmailing of the latter during last year’s finale episode.

But speaking of Starlight and Hughie, a lot of fans are currently wondering where their onscreen romance will lead to next or how the writers wish to tackle the conflicts that lie ahead. While it’s still early days to go off speculating, it’s safe to say that the two will share ample screen time in the upcoming third season, if only to uncover what congresswoman Victoria Neuman is up to.

To that end, Jack Quaid (Hughie) has shared a set photo that showcases himself next to Starlight’s Erin Moriarty. But that’s not the only set pic that’s emerged this week, as Antony Starr has also gotten in on the fun, sharing a snap that teases Homelander’s return, and you can check out both images down below.

While Hughie, in particular, has already gone through a lot in the first two seasons, Kripke has previously revealed that he won’t quite be able to catch a break now that he’s working with Newman, saying:

“We should very much be worried about Hughie working for her. Poor Hughie, he really thought he was like standing up on his own and expressing some independence and doing things the right way, and he’s walked right into the lion’s, which is something he’s going to have to deal with in Season 3, for sure.”

Luckily for him, he can always call on Butcher and the rest of the gang to help him out, but how that’ll play out exactly in The Boys season 3 is anyone’s guess at this point.