Brad Dourif Says The Child’s Play TV Series Is Pretty Good

Cult of Chucky

While the Child’s Play movie is all set for a theatrical release next month – just in time for the global debut of Toy Story 4, no less – Don Mancini is still pushing ahead with a TV series based on that infamous Devil Doll.

It’s currently operating under the working title of Chucky, and while there have been precious few details shared about the villain’s journey to TV, Brad Dourif recently spoke to Bleeding Cool (h/t Bloody Disgusting) about all things Chucky, and why he’s very much involved in the upcoming series.

He’ll be working alongside Nick Antosca (Channel Zero), who’s expected to produce the final product. And while Dourif refused to be drawn about story details, he did reaffirm that he has full confidence in Don Mancini’s ability to subvert expectations – even with a horror villain that has been in the public eye since ’88.

Don Mancini’s TV series is happening. It’s going to happen. Yes, yes absolutely. We’ve spoken more than once, and absolutely [I’m involved]. It’s his baby, he invented it, it came from him, he’s the real source. And he’s managed, on more than one occasion with a shift in the genre to really find an exciting and different way of doing it, and it’s always worked. I think it’s pretty good, and I don’t feel that way about most things.

The franchise veteran then praised the tone and direction of this new saga, and why Chucky is very much in safe hands. The Devil Doll is Mancini’s baby, after all – a bloodthirsty baby not of this world, but a baby nonetheless – so it should come as no surprise that the creator is handling this new property with care.

I mean with Chucky, we’re not talking about the deepest level of human nature or anything like that, but it’s great fun. And Don knows exactly the right tone, every time.

Poised to recapture the tone and blood-curdling horror of earlier installments, the Child’s Play TV series has been earmarked for a premiere in 2020 – long after the Child’s Play film has entertained moviegoers on the big screen. Because while there has been some controversy over next month’s feature film, it only means one thing for horror fans: more Chucky.