Breaking Bad “In Memoriam” Highlights The Show’s Creative Killings


Over the next few weeks, millions of television fans will check into their own metaphorical rehab facilities to overcome their addiction to one of the great television dramas, ever. Now that Breaking Bad is off the air after five seasons, it is officially a part of television history and it’s time to start getting over the fact that it will never grace our television screens again.

Among the various things that kept fans of the show coming back for more and recommending the series to their friends were the shocking and very unique deaths. Almost no villain received a mere gunshot to the head. The deaths were glorious and inventive, from crushing a character with an ATM to a bomb tied to a man’s decapitated head atop a tortoise to the rapid-fire M60 concoction that Walt used to defeat Uncle Jack’s crew in last night’s blistering series finale.

Sports and pop culture website Grantland are the ones responsible for this “In Memoriam” segment that’s akin to one seen on an Oscar broadcast, highlighting all of the deaths on Breaking Bad. It is more comedic than moving, with some of the causes of death being deliberately humourous and tasteless. The video is also bookended with a tender poem that honours the fallen characters. Appropriately, the author of the poem and his initials (W.W.) helped to serve one of the show’s major plot developments.

So, if you’re among those going through an intense grieving process as you accept that Breaking Bad is no longer airing, perhaps this video will help to remind you that while you made it to the end of the 62 episodes, there are many that didn’t.