Bruce Campbell Teases Ash’s Death In Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season 3


Even with Ash vs. Evil Dead still kicking all kinds of ass, you can never be too sure of how long any given series will last on the air. Really, decisions regarding renewals and cancellations are ultimately up to the networks themselves, so all we can do as fans is just keep on watching and hope for the best.

To be more specific, we mean watching the show on Starz, and not illegally downloading or streaming it. Sure, the torrenting game might seem more convenient for some, but it does nothing to help this or any other show with getting picked up for additional seasons. So, if piracy is your choice, you have no right to complain if the ax comes down.

When it comes to Ash vs. Evil Dead in particular, the ratings have really been struggling this year and now, fans are worried that it may end up being cancelled. And though Starz is yet to announce anything, it does seem like things may be winding down. And that’s because star Bruce Campbell has hinted that Ash might be meeting his maker soon.

Speaking with Assignment X, the actor dropped this ominous tease about what fans should expect from season 3:

“It may be game over for Ash. He is mortal. That’s it.”

While this isn’t firm confirmation that the beloved character is nearing his end, it’s certainly not sounding too good for him. After all, Campbell said not that long ago that if the show gets cancelled, that’s it for Ash – which means no Evil Dead 4 or any other film/TV series for him. And if they truly do plan on killing him off, then that’d make sense.

Regardless of what ends up happening, we should have some answers soon enough, as Ash Vs. Evil Dead is currently airing on Starz and continues with episode 3×07, “Twist and Shout,” tomorrow, April 8th. The finale, meanwhile, will premiere on April 29th, by which point we’ll no doubt know the fate that awaits Ash Williams.

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