Bruce Campbell Casts Doubt On The Evil Dead 4 Happening


Even with Ash vs. Evil Dead still kicking all kinds of ass, you can never be too sure of how long any given series will last on the air. Really, decisions regarding renewals and cancellations are ultimately up to the networks themselves, so all we can do as fans is just keep on watching and hope for the best.

To be more specific, we mean watching the show on Starz, and not illegally downloading or streaming it. Sure, the torrenting game might seem more convenient for some, but it does nothing to help this or any other show with getting picked up for additional seasons. So, if piracy is your choice, you have no right to complain if the ax comes down.

When it comes to Ash vs. Evil Dead in particular, the ratings have really been struggling this year and now, fans are worried that it may end up being cancelled. And though Starz is yet to announce anything, Bruce Campbell recently offered up a silver lining, saying that even if the series doesn’t live to see a fourth season, it may not be the end of Ash, as the team would be open to thinking about another Evil Dead movie.

This past Thursday, however, the actor changed his tune, casting serious doubt on a fourth film in the beloved series. Speaking  at the “Evening With Bruce Campbell” event at the Irish Film Institute, Campbell told the crowd that if “they cancel [the show], I think Ash is done. I have lavender on my property. I’m going to smoke weed and hang out.”

If you’re a bit confused about this, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, there’s no reason given for why the actor’s now had a change of heart, but perhaps something happened behind the scenes, or maybe he’s just getting frustrated? Either way, it looks like if Ash vs. Evil Dead gets the axe, that’ll be it for the titular character. Which means no Evil Dead 4 or any other project featuring him. And that’s truly a shame given how much of an icon he is in the horror genre.

So, if you want to keep watching Bruce Campbell as the legendary Ash Williams, be sure to support Ash vs. Evil Dead by tuning in every week on Starz.