Here’s How Bruce Wayne Factors Into Titans’ Season 2 Premiere


Similar to how The CW’s Supergirl had to introduce its own version of Superman at some point, Titans had to do likewise with Batman. After all, there’s really no way you can produce a series including the likes of Dick Grayson and Jason Todd without acknowledging their mentor.

As you should recall, Titans‘ first season finale did include the Dark Knight, albeit in a fantasy world created by Trigon. While there, Dick had to deal with his worst nightmare, that being a Batman gone berserk. As such, the Caped Crusader who’d lost his moral compass wound up being played by stuntmen draped in shadow.

Now that season 2 has officially kicked off, the show has introduced its iteration of Bruce Wayne who’s played by Iain Glen. Maybe the producers had to wait until Gotham was off the air to get their hands on the unmasked half of the equation, but either way, this has opened the door for more storytelling possibilities.

After first setting up how Deathstroke fits into the sophomore run, the premiere joins Dick Grayson as he returns to Wayne Manor. Perhaps because it was stated not long before that Batman had been elsewhere on a mission with the Justice League that made Bruce’s appearance such a surprise, but the long-awaited sitdown involving the Dynamic Duo was much appreciated.

Basically, this was the very interaction that’s been hinted at by various trailers and the like. Now that Trigon’s charade has allowed for Dick to conquer his darkness, he expresses his gratitude to Bruce for taking him in following his parents’ murder and briefly hints at his future to come with the reformed Titans. There’s actually not much else to go on, though it does make for a touching scene.

When it comes to how Glen came across as Bruce, I can see why there’s some divisiveness among viewers. Not only is he up there in age, thereby causing us to think his Batman has been at it for decades, but his performance conveys a less tortured version of the dark avenger. Maybe he’s eventually come to grips with his tragic past? I don’t know. But Glen does bear a passing resemblance to how Adam West looked around that age, forcing my mind to confuse him with “the Bright Knight.” I’m not the only one to say this, as I’ve seen other comparisons made online.

Regardless, we’ll just have to wait and see how their relationship plays out whenever Titans airs on Fridays on DC Universe. For more, be sure to check out our review of the premiere.