Bryan Cranston Aimed To “Upset People” With Breaking Bad


Taking a step off the sun-drenched set of Breaking Bad – which has begun filming the second leg of its fifth and final season in Albuquerque, New Mexico – Bryan Cranston took some time to talk to The Guardian regarding the impending conclusion of AMC’s critical darling. Having kept us glued to our television screens for five gripping seasons, Cranston talked about the morally questionably Walter White, and how the challenging archetype is a first for the medium.

Here’s what the celebrated actor had to say about the role of Heisenberg:

“This type of character has never been depicted before. Nowhere in the history of television – think about this – have we seen a character go through this metamorphosis. When we look at our favourite television shows, they’ve all stayed the same; stasis is part of television lore. What drew people to television, was: ‘Every week I’m going to see the same guy and I’m grateful for that.’

“But with Breaking Bad we were looking to do something that would upset people. Week after week they’re watching, going, ‘Ooh, what’s he doing now?’ and ‘I used to like him, now I hate him – he was a good guy, now he’s a bad guy and I’m confused and, grrrr, I’m pacing and …’

“The passion and the vitriol that this show creates, it’s unprecedented.”

Creating a novel, downright ambiguous character has paid off dividends for the show’s creator Vince Gilligan. Since its inception in 2008, Breaking Bad has amassed a loyal following while also picking up a series of prestigious awards – 29 Emmy nominations, no less. AMC’s hit show has crafted a captivating underworld which, as Cranston enthused, has kept audiences guessing right until the very end.

Heisenberg will stalk ominously onto our collective screens on August 11th, when the show premieres for the last time on AMC. The final eight episodes of Breaking Bad will also be available to stream on Netflix for UK and Ireland starting August 12th.

Unfortunately, the reign of everyone’s favourite methamphetamine kingpin is coming to an end, but exactly how will Gilligan conclude his televised masterpiece? As always, drop your thoughts below.