Bryan Cranston Hints At Possibility Of More Breaking Bad


For many television addicts (myself included), the fall of 2013 spelled the end of an era…well, the end of an obsessive binge-watching movement thanks to the media streaming giant, Netflix. We were left rooted to the spot, scratching our heads like apes, while unsure of what do with our lives now that said era had finally passed.

Yes, we are talking about the end of AMC’s breath-taking crime drama, Breaking Bad. The final episode seemed to draw a definite line under the story of our favourite chemistry teacher-turned-meth manufacturer Walter White in a gripping and suitably fantastic piece of television that was worthy of the preceding quality we’d become used to.

Soon we were left like a city in a blackout, with no idea what to do and perhaps, more importantly, what to watch next. Now that Breaking Bad is seemingly over for good, what could possibly fill that void?

Well, if you take actor Bryan Cranston’s latest comments into consideration, that void may be filled with – wait for it – more Breaking Bad. Speaking on CNN (via USA Today) the former Malcolm in the Middle star mentioned that “you never saw bags zip up or anything” and a little further on he teased “never say never.”

Now, while we’re still really excited for Breaking Bad’s spin-off Better Call Saul, centered on the show’s silver-tongued shady lawyer, Saul Goodman, the prospect of another go around with the adventures of Walt and Jesse is the piece of news that would really get us excited.

But unfortunately this is very, very speculative and as of this moment, there are no plans for show creator Vince Gillian (who most likely has his hands full with his new cop show, Battle Creek) to revisit his modern masterpiece just yet. One can only hope there will be another instalment in what many hail the greatest television series of all time – but there was a method in the madness as far as finishing the show in its fifth season. Fans of Dexter would happily tell you that it is better to go out on top than see the candle flicker and burn out in mass disappointment.

Regardless, we’ve got our fingers crossed.

What do you think about the possibility of another season of Breaking Bad? Do you think Vince Gilligan made the right call finishing the show where he did, or is the life left in Heisenberg’s tale yet? Sound off in the comments section below!

Source: Slash Film