Bryan Cranston Will Be The One Who Writes A Memoir

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The world’s biggest fictional drug kingpin has decided to write an in-depth, tell-all memoir. Yup, that’s right, Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston has agreed to publish memoirs in fall 2015 that chronicle his life and creative experiences.

In a press release from the publisher, Scribner, Cranston wrote that his book will “tell the stories of my life and reveal the secrets and lies that I lived with for six years shooting Breaking Bad.” The Emmy-winning actor had a long career of character acting before shooting to fame as sitcom dad Hal on Malcolm in the Middle and then as Walter “Say My Name” White on AMC’s acclaimed drama. Any man with 130 IMDb credits over a span of 30 years probably has a plethora of anecdotes about trying to make it into show business, and his recent successes only makes the victory even sweeter.

When it comes to writing, Cranston has written one screenplay so far and it was for a small 1999 drama entitled Last Chance, which he also directed and starred in. Besides that, he has only one other writing credit on IMDb. Regardless, even if one worries about the quality of his prose, just remember that there is a room of award-winning writers that can easily spruce up his biography.

The actor is currently starring in the Broadway play All the Way, where he plays President Lyndon B. Johnson. He is also part of Godzilla, one of the summer’s most eagerly anticipated films, and is set to start working on the thriller Holland, Michigan later this year. Set for a fall 2015 release, let us hope that Cranston still has time to get working on the big screen during the writing process – and perhaps a cameo on Better Call Saul, which airs on AMC in November.

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Source: Screen Rant