Bryan Cranston Says He’d Reprise His Breaking Bad Role “In A Second”


Breaking Bad may have ended several years ago, but the near masterpiece still lives on through spinoff Better Call Saul. While it hasn’t quite reached the same highs as Walter White’s explosive adventure did at its peak, it’s still a wholly enjoyable show that fans seem to appreciate. Not to mention that it continuously displays improvement. However, even though it’s set to enter its third season later this year, there’ve still been no signs of a cameo from the aforementioned drug kingpin or his partner in crime, Jesse Pinkman.

That’s not terribly surprising, given that it wouldn’t be that easy to include them here as Better Call Saul is a prequel, but there’s no reason the characters couldn’t make a quick appearance that feels organic and wouldn’t be a detriment to the story. Such a thing hasn’t happened yet though and while Aaron Paul recently hinted that season 3 may rectify that, AMC has remained quiet on the matter, and we expect that they likely will until these long promised cameos actually occur.

At this point, we imagine it’s more a question of when rather than if in regards to Jesse and Walt showing up, as we know that both Paul and Bryan Cranston would be more than happy to return for more. In fact, the latter confirmed as much in a recent interview with Moviefone, who spoke with the actor to promote his animated series, SuperMansion.


When asked if he’d reprise his Breaking Bad role if given the opportunity, Cranston revealed the following:

“I actually think it’d be fun. I have not been approached though. I know that Vince [Gilligan] wouldn’t do anything that would damage the overall brand that he’s worked so hard to develop on a stunt-cast kind of thing. Then I think, “Well, what if it’s just a brush-by? If it’s just two guys in a market. Are those ripe? I don’t know.”

We don’t even register that we knew each other three years before we see each other again. That’s life. It’s actually very honest. It happens. So the bottom line is, I would do it in a second. If Vince wanted me to be on the show, I’d be on the show.”

What Cranston says here makes a lot of sense, and a “brush-by” cameo, as he puts it, could definitely work and wouldn’t do any kind of damage to the brand or feel forced. In fact, it’s probably the easiest way to accomplish this and would certainly please fans who’ve been holding out hope to see Paul and Cranston return to their roles.

With two critically acclaimed seasons under its belt now, Better Call Saul has more than proven that it can stand on its own two feet and it should be just a matter of time before we see Jesse and Walt again. Whether or not we’ll receive a heads up or AMC will just drop them into an episode as a complete surprise is hard to say, but make sure you keep your eyes peeled once Better Call Saul returns in April, as we’ve got a feeling that this might be the season where those Breaking Bad cameos finally happen.

Source: Moviefone