X-Men TV Show The Gifted May Take Us Back To World War II


Shooting on the pilot of Matt Nix’s upcoming X-Men TV series is currently taking place, though outside of some major casting additions and the fact Bryan Singer is directing the episode, we know very little about The Gifted. In fact, that may not even be the official title.

Previous casting calls and interviews have confirmed that we’ll see the robotic Sentinels in the drama – which will revolve around a family coming to terms with having mutant children and their eventual meeting with a group of underground heroes – and it’s also thought that the show will be closely tied to the movies. If that’s the case, it could explain this latest tidbit of information, which is that Legacy Casting is looking for “SS Guards.”

Fans of the X-Men movies will know full well that WWII is an era we’ve already visited in both the first film and X-Men: First Class thanks to the origin story of Magneto and the time he spent in a concentration camp. While it’s unlikely we’ll see him show up here, chances are this series will somehow still tie into that if SS Guards are to make an appearance.

Kevin Bacon’s Sebastian Shaw was obsessed with finding mutants, so perhaps other characters here will have relatives with ties to that period. It would certainly be an interesting way to link The Gifted into the X-Men franchise and one which doesn’t necessarily affect any future big-screen instalments. Of course, ‘SS’ could be referring to something else entirely, but flashing back to WWII does make a lot of sense.

With production on the show now underway, we’ll hopefully learn a little bit more about it soon. Until then, however, feel free to drop us your thoughts in the comments section down below.