New BTS Photo Reveals A Classic Arrow Look For Stephen Amell


Arrow season 8 finally kicks off next week, and to mark the occasion star David Ramsey has shared a new set pic on his Instagram account. And it may tell us a few things we can expect from the upcoming Arrowverse run.

The photo features Ramsey posing with co-stars Stephen Amell, Katherine McNamara and Matt Ryan. Though the previous three are Arrow regulars, the presence of Legends of Tomorrow‘s Ryan suggests this was taken during filming on “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” The crossover is currently shooting, after all. It’s difficult to say, however, given that Ramsey used it to promote the season 8 premiere and only tagged it “#arrowfinalseason.”

Either way, it hints at what’s coming our way over the next few months. For one, McNamara and Amell being in the same picture suggests that Mia Smoak will finally meet her father and Oliver will encounter his grown-up daughter. This is actually possible in both “Crisis” and Arrow, as season 8 is expected to get creative with the timeline seeing as the archer’s in the employ of the Monitor. Plus, Ollie will meet John Constantine for the first time since Arrow season 4.

The other point of interest is Amell’s appearance. His hair looks like his classic ‘do from days gone by and that shirt he’s wearing appears very similar to the one that was part of his original makeshift vigilante outfit (see here). Further evidence that this scene will revisit Oliver’s early days is the fact that the cast are standing in Sqaumish, British Columbia, which stands in for the island of Lian Yu on the show.

So, it looks like we should get ready for things to come full circle for Oliver Queen, as well as a family reunion. Whether on Arrow or in “Crisis,” though, we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: Instagram