Caitlyn Jenner Supports Dave Chappelle: ‘Woke Cancel Culture’ Is Trying To Silence Free Speech

Caitlyn Jenner

Since the release of his latest Netflix comedy special, Dave Chappelle has been embroiled in controversy for jokes and comments he made regarding transgender people. The special sparked protests from trans Netflix employees and some celebrities like Eliot Page voiced their support of the walkout.

Caitlyn Jenner does not seem to be one of those people, however. Jenner, who came out as a trans woman in 2015, tweeted her support for Chappelle, saying protests of Chappelle’s special were not “about the LGBTQ movement,” but rather “woke cancel culture run amok.”

“Dave Chappelle is 100% right. This isn’t about the LGBTQ movement. It’s about woke cancel culture run amok, trying to silence free speech,” Jenner said. “We must never yield or bow to those who wish to stop us from speaking our minds.”

Jenner has previously voiced her opposition against cancel culture; she said she planned to “cancel, cancel culture and “wake up the woke” if elected as the governor of California earlier in the year. She received 1 percent of the vote during the recall election in September.

Jenner has also been criticized in the past by LGBTQ activists for her opposition to trans girls participating in girls’ sports, as well as her support for the Texas Heartbeat Act, a controversial bill that outlawed all abortions after six weeks in Texas.

Dave Chappelle has said he would be willing to meet with protestors on his terms and a representative of his said that he will not be making any more trans jokes “until we can all laugh together.”