Caity Lotz Returning To Arrow For Birds Of Prey-Inspired Episode


Caity Lotz recently returned to Arrow for a cameo in its 150th episode, but it seems this was just a taster for a much more substantial comeback to the show that started her Arrowverse career later this season. TVLine has learned that the Legends of Tomorrow star will be appearing in the 18th episode of season 7, which will see Sara Lance teaming up with her fellow Canaries.

We were previously told that some sort of all-female team-up was coming this season, with showrunner Beth Schwartz saying that it was inspired by the Birds of Prey, the superheroine group about to get their big screen debut. This led us to think that perhaps Huntress was coming back, but now we know that Arrow‘s Birds of Prey will all be literal birds – as the three Canaries in the shared universe will join forces for the episode.

Titled “Lost Canary,” Katie Cassidy Rodgers, Juliana Harkavy and Lotz will join together as Earth-2’s Laurel Lance AKA Black Siren, Dinah Drake’s Black Canary and White Canary. Cassidy Rodgers teased the team-up recently as well by sharing a snap of the three actresses together in costume on her Instagram account (see below). “Girls rule!” she captioned the image.

Schwartz, meanwhile, also hyped up the outing by posting a photo of the first page of the script, which gave us the episode number and title, along with three different Black Canary action figures, alluding to the fact that it’s an all-Canary crossover.

The title’s an interesting one, too, as it might hint at what brings the Canaries together: a common sense of being lost. After all, Laurel is cut off from her own universe, Sara may end up marooned from her crew and the Waverider while we know that Dinah’s been having something of a personal crisis since her secret identity was publicly revealed.

Before fans start getting too excited for this though, we’ve still got a while to wait, as Arrow returns to The CW for 7×14 “Brothers & Sisters” on Monday, March 4th, before this episode airs a few weeks after.

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