Californication Season 4-05 ‘Freeze Frame’ Recap

As we begin, Hank shows up at Karen’s door, bringing her coffee. He tries to impress her but she’s not having any of it. She reluctantly lets him in so he can grab his suit. Hank asks about Ben but Karen won’t spill anything. She tells him ‘the mailman has a better shot than you do right now.’ All suited up, Hank asks Becca what she thinks, she looks at him and replies ‘you know what they say, you can’t polish a turd.’ Ouch.

Cut to opening credits.

After the credits, we come to a video of Mia, giving testimony against Hank. Hank is watching with his lawyer Abby and she tells him that the case against him is weak. They continue chat for a bit, with Hank hitting on her. Eventually he scores a dinner. Next, Hank heads over to Runkle’s office. He tells him he needs to get paid. Runkle asks for something also. He pulls down his pants and asks Hank if he needs to do some manscaping. Hank says he thinks he should.

Back at Marcy’s house, Runkle arrives home, announcing he has a big date. He tells Marcy and Karen about it as they pretend to care. Meanwhile, Hank meets up with Mia, whose having drinks with Sasha. As the three are getting all friendly, Abby shows up. Back at home, Runkle is about to get down to his manscaping. He accidentally cuts himself though and starts bleeding. He runs downstairs, telling Marcy he needs her help. He keeps bleeding and asks Marcy and Karen to take a look at the cut. Karen leaves and Marcy takes a look. Turns out it’s bad and Marcy takes him to the ER.

We switch back to Hank, and he’s having dinner with Abby who tells him he should probably stay away from Sasha and Mia. He continues to flirt with her and she keeps shutting him down. Hank then gets a text from Karen about Becca’s gig. Of course he leaves and heads to the gig. He meets Karen there, who’s with Ben. Karen introduces them to each other and clearly Hank doesn’t like this guy. For a second there I thought the two were going to fight

At the hospital, we see Marcy and Charlie as well as the doctor from episode 3, played by Josh Gad. They start talking about Charlie’s vasectomy and the doctor tells him that the guy who performed his vasectomy was known as ‘Weenie Todd’ and lost his medical license. Apparently, Charlie’s vasectomy wasn’t done properly, meaning Marcy’s pregnancy could be from Charlie.

Hank returns home and receives a knock on his door from Sasha. Apparently Mia is in trouble. She’s sitting on the ledge of the building and Hank goes to try and talk her down. They have a heart to heart and he manages to get her off the ledge. They go back to Mia’s room and Hank says he’s feeling dizzy and goes to lie down. He’s joined in bed by Mia and Sasha. As he passes out, Mia’s friend takes a picture of the three and sends it to to some people. And the episode ends.

Great episode this week. Nice to see Sasha back and I’m curious about the consequences of this picture. Obviously it’s bad news. The shocking news about Runkle is also interesting, if it really is his kid, could this mean we may see him get back together with Marcy? Other interesting things included the Hank and Abby dinner, which is foreshadowing their inevitable hooking up and I also think this Ben character could turn out interesting. I can definitely see Hank fighting him somewhere down the line.

What did you think of this week’s episode?