Cameron Monaghan Explains How Gotham Differs From The Joker Movie


The presence of Gotham running alongside DC’s movies means that we have multiple different versions of the Batman mythos around at the same time. Right now, for instance, Warner Bros. is working on a Joker origins film starring Joaquin Phoenix. Meanwhile, Gotham, which reaches its fifth and final season next year, also tells its own take on the Joker’s origins. For TV star Cameron Monaghan though, it’s not intimidating or frustrating but rather, something to be celebrated.

Monaghan, who plays proto-Joker Jeremiah Valeska on the FOX prequel show, spoke about the Joker movie while chatting with IGN. He admitted that he’s deliberately attempted to avoid all the news, set pics and videos about the film so that he doesn’t subconsciously copy Phoenix’s performance. However, it’s proving difficult.

“I am trying not to look at it too much because I just don’t want to make something that’s the same as what he is doing. But it is inescapable.”

Apart from that, though, Monaghan’s confident that Gotham and Phoenix’s Joker movie won’t tread on each other’s toes. As we know, the big screen production from director Todd Phillips and producer Martin Scorsese is set to be more of a gritty crime drama. Meanwhile, Gotham is… Well, not that.

“We indulge in being campy, or ridiculous, or fun in a way they probably won’t be able to do. It is a different goal and way of going about it, but I am excited to see what they do. Thankfully it is very different from what we’re doing.”

The big difference is that Gotham might not actually be allowed to tackle the Joker directly. Monaghan has said that his character isn’t allowed to sport the Clown Prince of Crime’s bright green hair due to WB’s restrictions. What’s more, showrunner John Stephens has suggested that Jeremiah isn’t the man who’ll become Batman’s nemesis and the real Joker is still out there, waiting in the wings.

We’ll see exactly what Gotham season 5 has in store when it arrives on FOX from January 3rd. The Joker movie, on the other hand, hits theaters on October 4th.