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Is Gotham Teasing The Introduction Of Another Joker?

ComicBook.com has spotted a now-deleted tweet from one of Gotham's lead writers hinting at the potential introduce of the Joker.

For Fox’s celebrated Gotham series, this is it – the beginning of the end.

The show’s fifth and final season is currently on course for a premiere sometime in 2019, and when it does arrive, it’ll seemingly have viewers sweating over the fate(s) of their favorite character(s), after Andrew Sellon (Mr. Penn) went on record to warn fans that, this time around, no one is safe.

That’s unnerving in and of itself, but over on Twitter, a now-deleted post from writer-producer Tze Chun strongly hinted at the advent of another Joker. First spotted by ComicBook.com, the tweet featured an up-close shot of a Gotham season 5 script with the words “Ace Chemicals” plastered on the front, strongly hinting at the Joker’s famous origin story.

Could it be that the Fox drama is about to unveil another Clown Prince of Crime before its curtain call?

We’ve already seen imposters scattered throughout Gotham‘s four-season run – Jerome Valeska (Cameron Monaghan) being a particular highlight – though it seems Tze Chun and the show’s writing team are plotting a proper introduction for the Clown Prince of Crime, potentially setting up the eternal battle between Joker and Bruce Wayne’s Batman before the credits begin to roll.

It’s the classic tale of an unstoppable force meeting the immovable object, and it’s fair to say that those two DC titans were always destined to fight for Gotham’s soul ad infinitum. And while it’s yet to be confirmed outright, drafting a bona fide Joker into the equation would certainly make a lot of sense for Fox’s primetime superhero drama.

Whatever the case, the 10-episode fifth season of Gotham will be with us early next year.

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