Camila Cabello has fallen in love with Wednesday Addams just like the rest of us

Image via Netflix

Everyone is going crazy for Wednesday Addams right now thanks to the Netflix series that focuses on the dourest member of the Addams family, Wednesday. She has gone viral on social media thanks to her sweet dance moves with fans praising Jenna Ortega’s performance throughout the show, and now she has another celebrity fan in the form of Camilla Cabello.

Cabello took to Twitter to share her love for Wednesday, especially the fact that this iteration of the character is Latina.

Cabello is Cuban-born and evidently enjoying the fact that representation of Latin actors on screen is increasing, especially in a show as loved and lauded as Wednesday. The actress wrote “Pa lante,” meaning “straight ahead” or “go ahead” indicating encouragement and progress, adding the Mexican flag emoji.

The Netflix series made the decision to cast both the children in the Addams family with Latin actors, which makes a lot more sense considering their father is Gomez Addams. Gomez has always been portrayed as the stereotypical Hollywood “Latin Lover,” exuberant, passionate, and adoring of his love. In the Netflix series, Gomez is played by Luis Guzmán, a Puerto Rican actor whilst his children Wednesday and Pugsley are played by Jenna Ortega, whose parents are Mexican and Puerto Rican, and Isaac Ordonez, who is reported to be of Mexican heritage.

The show is doing exceptionally well on Netflix with the show currently sitting in the number one spot in its first week of release. It has also spawned a huge fandom on social media as fans fall in love with Ortega’s portrayal of the iconic character as well as her dance choreography. Maybe one day Cabello and Ortega can team up to create a dance for one of her songs, though Lady Gaga may have already beaten her to it.