Captain Cold Returns In New Arrowverse Crossover Set Photo


Leonard Snart’s death at the end of Legends of Tomorrow season 1 remains one of the most lamented moments of any of the Arrowverse shows. Wentworth Miller’s reformed thief had become a firm fan favourite since his first appearances on The Flash, so viewers were heartbroken to see him exit the series. Thankfully, he’s come back from time to time since then, and it seems that we can expect a new appearance from Captain Cold in the upcoming Arrowverse crossover as well.

In the set photo below, we see Green Arrow, The Flash and Steel confronting Cold. Fans will notice that Snart’s got himself a new coat since we last saw him. Previously, his costume consisted of a regular blue parka, but the one he’s wearing in this shot is a much closer match to the jacket worn by Captain Cold in the comics. In particular, the extra-fluffy hood really makes it.

It’s unknown just how Snart will return for the crossover. Last time we saw him on The Flash, Barry snatched him from an earlier point in his timeline so he could get him to help steal a Dominator power source from A.R.G.U.S. Maybe the heroes will decide they need Captain Cold to aid in their battle against their evil doppelgangers from Earth-X and snatch him out of time once again?

The four-way crossover this year goes by the umbrella title “Crisis on Earth-X” and sees Barry and Iris’ wedding crashed by twisted Nazi twins of Green Arrow, the Flash and Supergirl. The supervillains were revealed in costume in a bunch of recent set photos, while we also saw one which told us that the Flash’s Earth-X counterpart – Blitzen – is actually Tom Cavanagh’s Harrison Wells.

The four-way Arrowverse crossover will play out over two days, beginning November 27th. Supergirl and Arrow will air on Monday, with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow following on Tuesday.