Captain Pike And Spock To Return In New Star Trek: Short Trek


If you’ve been keeping up with the Star Trek franchise as of late, then you’re probably aware of how CBS are looking to bring back beloved characters from the past in order to appeal to the older crowd. For instance, we’ve got Captain Jean-Luc Picard getting ready to headline his own series focused on the aged Starfleet officer and there’s also been plenty of exciting developments over on Star Trek: Discovery.

We don’t know too much about season 3 just yet, but the last run brought back some key figures from the franchise in the form of Captain Pike, Spock and Number One. Their appearances on the show might’ve been short-lived, but the fans absolutely loved having them around and while it’s not entirely sure if we’ll ever see them again on Discovery, we’re happy to be able to report today that they’ll be returning in their own Star Trek: Short Trek.

Yes, earlier today at Comic-Con, CBS announced the next round of Short Treks with the trailer below, which teases what’s to come in these bite-sized chunks of the Trek universe.

In total, there will be 6 new Short Treks. Titled “Ask Not,” “Q&A,” “The Trouble With Edward,” “The Girl Who Made The Stars,” “Ephaim And Dot,” and “Children Of Mars,” we’ll get at least one about the aforementioned Enterprise crew, a couple of animated shorts, one that ties into the upcoming Picard show and more. Suffice it to say, they all sound great and if nothing else, it’ll be nice to see more of Spock, Number One and Captain Pike.

As for Star Trek: Discovery season 3, given that it’s going to be set about 1,000 years into the future, it’s unclear how things will play out for the crew when the show returns or if we’ll ever somehow get the Enterprise gang back on the series, but given that the network doesn’t seem to be done with them just yet, we imagine these Short Treks won’t be the last time we see them.