The Cast Beyond Carcosa: Other Lives (Episode 5)

Other Lives

True Detective returned this week to re-introduce us to the main characters two months after last week’s shootout. In many ways, “Other Lives” worked as a reboot, with the main players all moving on to less exciting places after the fallout.

Ray decides to give up his life as a police officer and goes to work security for Frank. After learning that Ray never actually killed his wife’s rapist, she demands a paternity test, which sends the recovering addict over the edge.

Frank, meanwhile, is still struggling to adapt to having lost his entire fortune by moving into a smaller home and trying to prove good for his family.

This week saw him wrestling with the love of his wife and the determination to have a legacy, as he re-negotiated a deal with the men behind the rail deal at Catalyst to be brought back into the fold.

Despite being arguably the best police officer, Ani may have gotten the worst deal of any of our main characters. She’s stuck going to sexual harassment recovery classes and working evidence for at least six months. Though the case is officially closed, she’s still determined to find out who killed Caspere and why.

On this week’s instalment of The Cast Beyond Carcosa, Dalton and I put all of the pieces of the puzzle together and speculate just how high up Vinci’s corruption and Tony Chessani’s parties go in controlling the state. If you’re looking for detective levels of TV investigation into the details, this is one bit of theorizing that you won’t want to miss.

Enjoy the show!

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The Cast Beyond Carcosa – Other Lives – The Cast Beyond Carcosa #5