Five More Cast Members Join Heroes Reborn



UPDATE: Shortly after our original post launched two new cast members were drafted onto the show. The Boy Next Door star Ryan Guzman is now onboard with Deadline suggesting that he “may be playing a former military guy”. That is, if earlier character profiles circulating the industry are still in play. If that’s the case then the next new arrival Finding Cody‘s Gatlin Green may be playing an “attractive popular girl. ” Scintillating description.


The rebooted TV series you never knew you wanted – Heroes Reborn – is pushing forward. NBC’s reboot is assembling another swarthy crew of normal folks harboring superhero abilities that so far includes Zachary Levi, Robbie Kay and Jack Coleman.

Based on what series creator and now-executive producer Tim Kring has stated, the show won’t be a continuation of the story explored in the original show. instead, the ties will be severed from that driving narrative with the exception of HRG (Noah Bennet), who may only pop up for a cameo.

For this start of a new era, an ensemble of fresh, unsuspecting heroes are being ushered in. Joining Levi and Kay are Danika Yarosh (TV’s Shameless, The Color Of Time), Henry Zebrowski (The Wolf Of Wall Street) and Judith Shekoni (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2). Due to the highly secretive veil covering the entire show, no details have been publicized concerning who any of this new trio might be playing.

One thing is for certain though, and that is that they may brush up against HRG from time-to-time, but there’s no chance they will have to do battle with original series’ villain Sylar. Zachary Quinto has shot down any talk suggesting his return, which stirred up when Kring reached out to the actor with hopes of a role reprisal.

Besides the absence of a major star, since its announcement last year, there’s been surprisingly little revealed about Heroes Reborn. NBC struck gold with Kring’s initial series that emerged in 2004 prior to this current superhero-crowded entertainment climate. So, it seems unusual that it wouldn’t begin a more aggressive marketing campaign now. After all, if it’s slated to arrive on the small screen later this year, now would be the perfect time to remind audiences of what made the first show such a success.

Source: Collider

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