The Cast Inside The Strain: Runaways (Episode 5)

Runaways 2

Welcome back for another episode of The Cast Inside The Strain! In this week’s discussion, we talk vampire fighting 101 as taught by professor Abraham Sectrakian. It’s a heated conversation and you won’t want to miss it as Dustin and I argue the merits of style and substance in our personal battles with these creatures of the night.

Of course, we also review the latest episode of The Strain, “Runaways,” which was jam packed with plot points as the vampiric outbreak finally begins to reach the masses. We check in with all three of the flight survivors and learn that there’s a bit more to Nora than meets the eye.

Things are really starting to ramp up on FX’s hit show, so be sure to tune in for our pop reference riddled discussion of this week’s episode of The Strain.

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