The Cast Beyond The Wall: “The Lion And The Rose” (Episode 2)

The Lion and the Rose 2

In this week’s episode of The Cast Beyond the Wall, myself, along with co-hosts Daniel Stull and Austin Lucari, discuss the events of the most nauseating and satisfying marriage ceremony Westeros has ever seen, the “Purple Wedding.” You’re in for an enticing episode as the gang asks the big questions like who killed Joffrey? Is Stannis really the rightful king? And how does one simply get rid of a meddling prostitute?

Before diving into this week’s game changing event though, the trio talk about their favorite vacationing spot in Westeros and Minecraft’s super secret Game of Thrones project.

There’s no better podcast to celebrate Joffrey’s demise than The Cast Beyond The Wall, so take a drink, hit play, and enjoy the moment before the next super insane psychopath takes the Iron throne!

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