The Cast Beyond The Wall: “Oathkeeper” (Episode 4)


Welcome back Game of Thrones fans! In this week’s episode of The Cast Beyond the Wall, myself, Daniel, and Austin are joined by special guest host Ryan Siggers to review this week’s Westeros shattering episode, “Oathkeeper.”

From Daenery’s brilliant tactics, to Jaime’s continued walk down the road to redemption and a whole mess of shenanigans up at the Wall, “Oathkeeper” was a truly fantastic outing for the show and we’re here to unravel all of the latest developments.

To round out our discussion, we talk about how the final 15 minutes of the episode changed the rules by taking even the seemingly ever knowing book readers by surprise. We also ask the all important question of what does this supposed “Night King” mean for the the future of the show? Tune in to find out!

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