Castlevania Season 2 Will Include Twice As Many Episodes, Adi Shankar Hints At What’s Next For The Belmont Clan


Against all the odds, Netflix and seasoned producer Adi Shankar have delivered a compelling, deliciously dark adaptation of Castlevania.

As a matter of fact, a handful of critics have championed the four-part animated series as one of the more memorable video game adaptations of the past 10 years. But if there’s one common complaint that’s been levelled against Castlevania, it’s that the Netflix original is simply too short. It’s also not immune to pacing issues and infuriating plot holes, but at the very least, viewers can expect a more thorough account of the Belmont clan in 2018, as the second season of Castlevania will stretch for eight episodes in total.

Exactly what’s in store for Trevor Belmont (Richard Armitage) and the rest of Transylvania is up for question at this early stage, but while speaking with Coming Soon, Adi Shankar touched base on the show’s immediate future, and how “Castlevania is the story of multiple generations of a family…the games have provided a phenomenal blueprint.”

When asked if there’s one particular game from Konami’s celebrated series that he plans to use as inspiration, Shankar name-dropped the great PlayStation classic, Symphony of the Night.

Yeah, Kid Dracula. I’m kidding. That’s a joke. You know, it’s not about saying, hey, it’s just one game. As you know, as someone who has played the all the games, they kind of bleed into each other. It’s like the events of one game affect the next game. No, there isn’t one game in particular. I mean, I can tell you personally that my favorite game is Symphony of the Night, but that is because I’m 32. Basically I started – the PS1 era was very special to me, so it makes sense that Symphony of the Night would be a video game touchstone for me, personally. But each generation has their own touchstones. And it’s something, quite frankly, that means different things to different people.

All four episodes of Castlevania‘s inaugural season are available to stream via Netflix right now. Curious to know what we thought of the animated series? Look no further than our in-depth review. Shankar, meanwhile, will soon begin working on an Assassin’s Creed series for the online streamer.

Source: Coming Soon