CBS Confirms That Limitless Is Seeking A New Home

limitless cbs

It seems Limitless may have out-stayed its welcome at CBS, as network President Glenn Geller confirms that the property is currently being offered out to other potential buyers. As the annual TV upfronts continue, networks and television fans alike find themselves in the midst of a frenzy of cancellations and renewals, as executives make the tough decisions about the future of their series. It seems that, although its film-to-TV stable-mate Rush Hour was not so lucky, Limitless has received a temporary stay of execution, while the network tries to find it a new home.

Based on the 2011 movie of the same name, Limitless was developed by Craig Sweeny and was picked up for a 22 episode first season. Starring Jake McDormand as struggling musician Brian Finch, the show sees him discover the nootrpoic drug NZT-48, which unlocks the full potential of the brain. He goes on to use this power to help the FBI – specifically, Special Agent Rebecca Harris (Jennifer Carpenter).

This makes the show something of a legal procedural, of which there are many. This one, however, had the added advantage of Academy Award nominee Bradley Cooper being on board as an executive producer and recurring guest star – occasionally reprising his role as Eddie Morra from the original movie.

Unfortunately, these elements have not been enough to secure ratings high enough to earn a renewal from CBS, nor have they been enough to warrant an out-and-out cancellation. Time will soon tell whether Limitless has been able to find a new home where it can continue tapping into its full potential.