CBS Reveals Michael Burnham’s New Look For Star Trek: Discovery Season 3


The brief teaser (see above) we got for Star Trek: Discovery season 3 after Picard‘s finale revealed that Sonequa Martin-Green’s Michael Burnham would be getting a new look for the next run of the show. This new promo image, though, gives us our best glimpse yet at Burnham’s new do and the adjusted Starfleet insignia that the U.S.S. Discovery crew will be sporting now that they find themselves in the far future.

It’s a good time to be a Trek fan, for sure. This week brings the series premiere of Star Trek: Lower Decks and once that’s wrapped up, Discovery season 3 will follow it on CBS All Access on October 15th. That means that from now on we have 23 straight weeks of Trek TV to enjoy. Not bad, right?

The official Trek Twitter account shared this exciting fact in a recent post, along with a pic highlighting Burnham’s fresh look, and you can check it out below:

Discovery is going where no other Trek show has gone before in its new season as Burnham and company have travelled 900 years into the future and now reside in the 32nd century, a period that’s never been explored before in the franchise. We know to expect a dilapidated Federation and Starfleet in very different shape, but the Discovery crew will be able to inject some old-fashioned optimism back into things. This will give season 3, we’ve been told by director Jonathan Frakes, a more traditional feel and tone.

The planet Burnham is depicted on here previously appeared in the teaser trailer, as well as some promo images revealed way back in summer 2019. Remember, Burnham was flung into the future separately from the ship, so it seems she finds herself on this barren world alone. However, she’ll soon make a new ally in the form of David Ajala’s Cleveland “Book” Booker.

Before Star Trek: Discovery season 3 gets here in a couple of months, we can all enjoy Lower Decks when it premieres this Thursday, August 6th on CBS All Access.