Chandler Riggs Wants To Return As A Walker On The Walking Dead


Later tonight, fans of The Walking Dead will be forced to wave goodbye to young Carl Grimes. Yes, the time has finally come folks, as the midseason premiere, titled “Honor,” will see Chandler Riggs head for the exit door and in turn, millions of viewers will surely be shedding a tear – or two.

And despite reports to the contrary, the actor has already said that he’s not bitter whatsoever about leaving the production. In fact, speaking in an interview earlier this week, he stated the following:

“It was definitely the best experience that I could ever ask for. I’m okay with being off the show, it was definitely an experience that I’ll never forget.”

So, it definitely sounds like he’ll be departing on good terms then, which begs the question, could we ever see him return one day? Perhaps in a flashback or something of the sort? It’s possible, and in a recent live interview on ET’s Facebook page, a fan asked Riggs if he’d be interested in one day making his way back to the show – but as a walker. Surprisingly, the actor seemed into the idea, saying:

“That would be awesome, yeah. That would be pretty cool. I’d love to do that.”

Going into a bit more detail, he revealed which walker he’d want to play:

“The well walker has been hands down my favorite walker ever, with the maggots crawling out of it everywhere. It’s so well done. It would be so cool to do something like that.”

Despite Riggs sounding enthusiastic about this, it’s not likely that’s the form that a potential return would take. Aside from the fact that it’d probably cause some continuity issues within the show itself, if the producers ever do decide to bring the actor back, you’d have to imagine it’d be in a way where he can play Carl again, and not a walker.

The Walking Dead will return for episode 8×09, titled “Honor,” later tonight. And to commemorate the death of one of the show’s most important characters up to this point, it’s set to be an extended installment – coming it at 82 minutes in length. The only question that remains now, is, are you ready to say goodbye to Carl Grimes?

Source: Facebook