Chandler Riggs Says He’s Not Bitter About Leaving The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead fans have just a few more days to prepare themselves for what’s sure to be a hugely emotional midseason premiere.

The last episode that aired before the winter break left viewers with their jaws on the ground when the final moments revealed that Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) had fallen prey to a walker bite, meaning the fan favorite character’s time on the show is almost up. And while we’ve already heard from his various co-stars (Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus) in regards to how they feel about the actor departing the hit series, Riggs himself has now opened up about it.

Speaking to in a recent interview, he noted that while he jokes about being bitter over the whole situation, he doesn’t actually have any hard feelings towards AMC or The Walking Dead‘s writers.

“I joke about it, but I’m not really bitter about it. It’s more like an innocent way to go out. That’s kind of what Carl is really embodying in these last two episodes and really just kind of sums up Carl as a whole and proves that he knows that there is something after the war, it’s not just killing and killing and killing and killing. There’s got to be some sort of hope for Judith and for Maggie’s baby and everyone.”

Continuing on, he said that his character’s death took the cast and crew by surprise:

“Again, I think everyone’s reaction was just like surprised because it was definitely unexpected by everyone.”

Finally, he added that he’s grateful to have been part of something like The Walking Dead and that he thinks it’s awesome how many people can relate to Carl.

“I think it’s actually awesome that people have really watched me grow up and have been able to relate to a character on such a level as they’ve really just fallen in love with Carl and his life. I think it’s amazing to be a part of something that incredible.

I think that’s why it’s such a phenomenon because people can relate to these characters on such a level and they like to put themselves in similar situations and see how they would act and what they would do. I think it’s just such a relatable show that it’s hard for people to not watch.”

The Walking Dead will return for episode 8×09, titled “Honor,” this Sunday, February 25th. And to commemorate the death of one of the show’s most important characters up to this point, it’s set to be an extended installment – coming it at 82 minutes in length. The only question that remains now, is, are you ready to say goodbye to Carl Grimes?