The Walking Dead’s Chandler Riggs Throws Major Shade At Former Showrunner

Carl The Walking Dead

Chandler Riggs, who played the love-him-or-hate-him Carl Grimes on The Walking Dead for the first eight seasons, hasn’t ever had much of a problem holding back his feelings about being killed off in the show since it happened. Sometimes, it takes long, carefully thought out paragraphs piled on top of paragraphs to properly express your feelings. For Riggs, though, it can only take six words.

Here’s his latest mic drop:

That made me laugh almost as hard as a well-played “that’s what she said!”

To provide a little bit of content, the official TWD Twitter page had posted a screenshot from “The Storm” and let the fans know that season 9 had officially wrapped. What followed was a barrage of questions, with some asking (warning: spoiler alert) whose voice was coming from Eugene’s radio at the end of the episode. Instead of fielding them all, the account simply told them to go read the comics. And that’s when Riggs chimed in with his reply.

Of course, the actor has never been quiet about his feelings about the direction the show has taken. In fact, he’s made fun of how he died numerous times:

He’s also made it clear he didn’t appreciate the lack of recognition for Lincoln’s portrayal of Rick Grimes.

The hard feelings go back to December 2017, when it was revealed that the young Grimes had been bitten and would soon exit the show. Fans of the character didn’t hold back how they felt, but nobody has expressed their anger quite as well as Riggs’ own father, William, did.

Under the guidance of the new showrunner Angela Kang, The Walking Dead seems to have experienced a much-needed revival over this last season. One thing’s for sure, though, as long as Twitter exists, Kang had better be careful with who she kills off, or else she might end up living in the shade with Gimple.

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