Some Changes Are Coming To Arrow And iZombie

arrow izombie

With casting news regarding DC TV shows flooding the internet on a regular basis, sometimes it can become easy to overlook the little things that will redefine the series we love in the coming season. Changes that may sound simple on paper may, in fact, affect Arrow and iZombie in greater ways than we may think.

First, let us discuss a change coming to Arrow. Near the end of the fourth season’s finale, Oliver Queen was sworn in as mayor of Star City. Naturally, he will need some help around the office, so expect to see his sister, Thea, help him save the city in ways other than dispensing street justice.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim clued us in when speaking with Entertainment Weekly:

“What we’ve done is we made her Oliver’s chief of staff. Perhaps, to her own surprise, she’s actually really, really good at it. All the skills that she learned by watching her mother for all those years, as well as running Verdant, she’s found very transferable to City Hall, and in many ways, she’s a much better chief of staff than Oliver is a mayor.”

Although not part of the “Arrowverse,” iZombie, another DC property The CW has adapted to television, consistently scores home runs and the latest word concerning it puts a new spin on what we’ve come to know.

Executive producer Rob Thomas had the following to say:

“Ravi will stumble upon a recipe to make zombie visions more vivid and longer lasting.”

Now, Liv’s visions attained via brain consumption have always been a temporary gift, mostly bestowed for only one episode. But Ravi’s breakthrough seems like a logical way to make the new status quo of having Liv and Clive catch a criminal in one episode and Peyton trying them in court the next work. With two-episode arcs said to be the new standard, this solution was probably a no-brainer (pun intended) for the producers.

Arrow returns for its fifth season on Wednesday, October 5, with iZombie returning for its third sometime in early 2017.