Character Posters For Daredevil Season 2 Show Off The Punisher And Elektra


With the premiere of Daredevil season 2 drawing closer, Netflix/Marvel are starting to ramp up their promotion, and today, we have several beautiful character posters to feast our eyes on. Along with giving us a look at the titular hero himself, not to mention returning characters like Foggy and Karen, we also get a great shot of both The Punisher and Elektra.

While we’re certainly excited to see how Elektra factors into things, I think it’s The Punisher that has most people giddy with anticipation for the show’s return. After all, Daredevil‘s sophomore season will be anchored by the conflict between Castle and Murdock. Perhaps more so than even Wilson Fisk, The Punisher will put our Man Without Fear through his paces, culminating in the real moral conundrum: is Matt really one bad day from becoming a mass murderer?

It’s sure to be a fascinating conflict to watch unfold, and we have no doubt that it will add yet another compelling element to a show that’s already full of them.

Daredevil returns to our screens on March 18th. Until then, get familiar with all of the characters below and let us know who you’re most looking forward to seeing: Elektra or The Punisher?

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