Charlie Cox Still Wants Black Widow To Turn Up On Daredevil


Sadly, it’s looking like the heroes of the MCU on the big and small screens will never unite. Avengers: Infinity War could have been the right place to do it but, ultimately, inserting Netflix’s Defenders into the narrative was deemed a bridge too far. Still, that won’t stop us from wishing for it to happen. And Daredevil star Charlie Cox has a terrific idea for which Avenger could show up on his TV series, if a crossover was ever on the cards.

Echoing statements he’s made before, Cox wants to draw from Marvel comics history and have Daredevil become an item with Black Widow. Back in the 1970s, Matt Murdock and Natasha Romanoff became both partners in fighting crime and in their personal lives. Now, Cox is suggesting he and Scarlet Johansson could resurrect that plotline for the on-screen MCU, too.

“Well, DD, Matt Murdock used to date Black Widow in the comics, so that would be cool.”

The actor knows not to say too much more than that, though, as he’s aware that his words could spread across the internet and get warped out of shape. Apparently, last time he spoke about a potential crossover, he got a serious phone call from someone at Marvel.

“But the thing is, I can’t speculate. Because when I speculate, someone then changes that into ‘oh, this is happening.’ And then I get a call from my boss being like, ‘Why are you telling people this?’”

Even if getting Black Widow on Daredevil is a bit far-fetched, Cox is happy enough for the series to continue mining the rest of the Man Without Fear’s rich comic book history for more interesting characters for him to team up with.

“But you know, there’s some pretty cool, iconic characters from the DD world that I’m hoping are gonna show up at some point, you know, if we continue to do the show. Yeah, we’ll see!”

Of course, there’s one in particular that fans have been waiting to see on Daredevil for years – his nemesis, Bullseye. Thankfully, it’s pretty much been confirmed at this point that the villain will finally be making his MCU debut in the upcoming third season of the show, as played by Wilson Bethel. When the series will return, we don’t yet know, but we expect a late 2018 premiere.