Charlie Cox Wants Black Widow To Show Up In Daredevil


It’s something every Marvel fan wants to see – characters from the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe making the jump over to the associated TV shows. After all, series such as Daredevil and Jessica Jones have been namedropping the likes of Captain America and Hulk for years now and at some point they have to make good on the promise that both halves of the franchise are connected, right?

While we wait for that to happen, Daredevil star Charlie Cox has now chimed in on which Marvel movie star he’d like to see turn up on the Netflix side of things. Speaking with Sensacine, alongside fellow Defender Finn Jones, Cox talked about how he thinks it makes perfect sense for Natasha Romanoff to drop by Hell’s Kitchen.

“Matt Murdock, in the Marvel Universe, dated Black Widow, so I think we need to get Scarlett Johansson on board,” said the actor.

Cox isn’t wrong on his Marvel comics history. From 1971 to 75, Black Widow was introduced into Daredevil by writer Gerry Conway to act as a co-star superhero and love interest for Matt Murdock. The comic was even renamed Daredevil and Black Widow for a stretch.

It would be exciting to see Natasha in Daredevil, of course, but it’s not like the Man Without Fear is lacking in the romance department. Over the two seasons we’ve seen so far, Matt Murdock has been involved with Claire Temple, Elektra Natchios and Karen Page – the latter, in particular, seems to be positioned as his ongoing love interest. Still, there’s nothing to say Black Widow can’t stop by for a quick cameo, at the very least.

Jones, for his part, says he wants to see Hulk turn up. That’s another comics-accurate suggestion, seeing as the Jade Giant is a founding member of the Defenders in the source material. Someone get Mark Ruffalo on the phone, please!

Cox and Jones will next be seen joining forces with Mike Colter and Krysten Ritter in The Defenders, which lands on Netflix on August 18th. Daredevil season 3 is then set to arrive next year.