Charlie Cox Tried To Crack Up Finn Jones While Filming The Defenders


In Marvel’s new Netflix series The Defenders, things get serious as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist have to join forces to stop the evil ninja clan the Hand from destroying New York. On set, though, things were a lot less tense and unsurprisingly, the cast had a lot of fun while filming it.

Take one sequence from the finale, for example. As Matt Murdock decides to stay underground at risk of his own life, he whispers in Danny Rand’s ear “protect my city.” It turns out that while filming, actor Charlie Cox tried to crack up his co-star Finn Jones by whispering increasingly stupid things instead. He told The Hollywood Reporter the following in a recent interview:

“I love that man. I loved that moment. We had a lot of fun on the day, trying to make up all sorts of stupid stuff. I remember trying to say things [that would break him], because obviously he has to keep a very straight face. I tell him something and the audience at that point doesn’t know what it is. He takes it very seriously. I’m of course saying these very stupid, mundane and silly things in his ear and trying to make him crack a smile.”

The finale also saw Danny take Murdock’s words to him to heart, as we last saw the immortal Iron Fist doing his best Daredevil impression and standing guard over the city at night. This recalled a storyline in the comics that had Danny take on the mantle of Daredevil for a short time. On that note, Cox spoke about whether he’d like to see this adapted for TV down the road, as well as the friendship between Matt and Danny as a whole:

“And there are a few characters who dress up as [Daredevil] at certain points in the comics. Peter Parker is another one. I think one of the nice relationships in The Defenders is the Matt and Danny relationship. Danny looks up to Matt a little bit, as a sensible older brother who has been doing this for a lot longer. At the same time, there’s a mutual respect. Matt is very impressed with Danny’s fighting techniques, and his skills, and his style. That friendship, there’s definitely a lot of room for it to grow. I loved working with Finn. We had a great time. He’s a true professional. If he’s involved somehow further on, wearing the Daredevil suit? Yeah, for sure.”

This isn’t the only future development that Cox has teased could be happening, as the Daredevil star also recently spoke about how iconic comic book storyline “Born Again” will form the basis of the Man Without Fear’s third season after being teased at the end of The Defenders. Suffice it to say, there are a lot of exciting developments in store for the character and as of now, the future is very looking bright for not just Daredevil, but all of Marvel’s Netflix heroes.