Charlie Cox Reveals The Key Difference Between Daredevil And The Defenders


It was earlier today that Marvel and Netflix finally revealed when The Defenders will assemble on the online streaming service, and anticipation is understandably at an all-time high to see these heroes come together on the small screen for the first time.

Daredevil kicked things off back in 2015 and the Man Without Fear is so far the only one to have starred in more than just a single season. That gives star Charlie Cox quite a bit more experience than the actors who play Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, so he was understandably glad to have something of a break while shooting The Defenders.

“Do you know what, when we filmed the first two seasons of Daredevil, it destroyed me. Defenders is slightly different because it has four of us. We can’t all be together all the time so there’s a lot more time off. The way it worked out is quite cool because since my character is the only one that has a mask, when we did action sequences they have to make sure they get the other three doing their bits because they could always use my stunt double.”

Cox also went on to reveal that the fact Daredevil wears a mask makes his life easier than the rest of The Defenders cast, as his stunt double Chris Brewster (who also doubles for Chris Evans in the Captain America movies) is able to take over when things get challenging.

“When DD does do some flying 720 flip kick whatever you call it, you can pretty much – because of the speeds that its moving in – film that straight on with my double whos an amazing martial artist. And it cuts really nicely. If one of the other characters was to do that, you would still in those moments be able to see [the stunt double] probably. They brought in a whole new team for the Defenders. But our stunt doubles all remain the same.”

Interestingly, The Defenders is utilizing directors from each of the previous Marvel shows on Netflix, and Cox was quick to praise the talent involved with the series.

“Yeah so they’ve done four series of 13 episodes, so the directors are essentially – from what I can work out – the A-team from those 4 thirteen hours. They got the best ones.”

Running for eight episodes total, The Defenders looks set to pit these heroes against The Hand, though specific plot details have yet to be revealed. When we’ll get a first look at the show is hard to say, but with the series set to premiere shortly after Comic-Con in July, chances are we can expect things to really kick off over the summer. Watch this space for more.

Source: MCU Exchange