Charlie Cox Weighs In On Daredevil’s Chances Of Buddying Up With The Avengers (Again)


Will The Defenders ever share the screen with The Avengers? Ever since Marvel and Netflix struck up their superheroic alliance all those years ago, it’s been the one question that’s consistently crept up in press junkets for Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and perhaps most of all, Daredevil.

Charlie Cox, the Man Without Fear himself, once again entertained the idea of a Marvel crossover while appearing on Boogaloo Radio (via Heroic Hollywood). Up until now, the Powers That Be have made it abundantly clear that they currently have no intention to transition a member of The Defenders over to the MCU, or vice versa – for all intents and purposes, the two exist in separate pockets of the same universe, and are only tied together by loose story strands and the odd Stan Lee cameo.

But when pressed about the possibility of Daredevil rubbing shoulders with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Charlie Fox refused to rule out a crossover entirely. Granted, the actor was quick to stress that both Marvel TV and Marvel Studios are two individual entities under the same umbrella, and are therefore “run by completely different people.” Besides, although Matt Murdock’s abilities come in handy when battling crime on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, his echolocation pales in comparison to other Avengers – that is, unless he adopted a Clark Gregg-esque role in the MCU.

Per Boogaloo Radio:

Clark Gregg is in the Avengers so why not? Just for interest, I went back and read Civil War before the movie came out. Because a lot of people had asked me if I thought that based on tone and genre the DD show is in, could that co-exist in one of the Avenger movies. And I went back and had a look to see how the comics approached it and you know, DD can’t compete with those guys. He’s a street hero and he doesn’t have superpowers in the same way but his role as a device within Civil War is really effective and he maintains his character. So I think he could have worked so who knows. Maybe one day.

“Maybe one day” is perhaps the biggest takeaway here, and it echoes those comments made by Cox’s co-stars in the past. He’ll next suit up for The Defenders team-up series – an August 18th premiere date is officially on the cards – while we understand Daredevil season 3 is gearing up to begin filming later in 2017.