Check Out The Game Of Thrones Season 4 Blooper Reel


This week saw the season 4 Blu-ray release of HBO’s flagship fantasy, Game Of Thrones. The award-winning, all-encompassing series has kept viewers captivated for five years with its tales of beheadings, bludgeonings and buggery. You name it, they’ve tried it all in the Seven Kingdoms. One aspect there’s never enough of, however, is humor. Sure, Tyrion’s verbal spats are often the sole source of wit, but sometimes what the show could really benefit from is a bit o’ slapstick. And, lo and behold – here’s the latest blooper reel!

Culled from the aforementioned home video release, it spans a brief 1 minute 25 seconds. It’s a fun watch, purely to witness the normally stern visages of some of Westeros’ most dominant figures crumbled into laughter. One of the funniest moments is a mini-montage of several actors all taking a stumble. There’s really nothing like watching someone fall over, is there?

In other recent GoT news, George R.R. Martin, the author behind the original novel series A Song Of Ice and Fire, raised pulses this week with talk of the impending season 5. While most folks have assumed that the season will stick to the last novel in the series, according to Martin that’s not the case. Avid fans of the novels be warned: your favorite character may be breathing in the books – but they might die a hideous death onscreen. We’ll find out whose head will be on the chopping block when Game of Thrones Season 5 arrives on April 12.

Source: /Film

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