Check out these fan-made ‘Hawkeye’ Pym arrows

Image via Marvel Studios

Yesterday, u/Linkster1337 on Reddit shared a TikTok video showcasing their homemade ‘Pym’ arrows as seen in Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye series. Using 3D printing technology, this creative Redditor managed to assemble identical arrows to the ones used by Clint Barton in Hawkeye, Episode 3, titled “Echoes”.

In the short clip, viewers get a close-up of the arrows and a demonstration of their impressive shrinking capabilities. Check out the video below.

To refresh some memories, ‘Pym’ refers to Hank Pym, the inventor of the Ant-Man suit and original Ant-Man hero. In addition, Hank Pym single-handedly pioneered the subatomic particles that alter physical matter — known as Pym Particles. These particles have been featured several times in the MCU, often used by Scott Lang, Pym’s successor as Ant-Man.

Interestingly, the Pym Particle Arrows originated in Marvel Comics’ Hawkeye collection, wherein the titular character makes use of Hank Pym’s helpful technology. Now, the Pym Particle Arrows have integrated into the Hawkeye series as a subtle nod to the comic material from which it derives.

Image via Marvel Comics

Similar to the Ant-Man suit, the Pym Particle Arrows can alter their physical size or make alterations to the size of a target upon impact. As seen in the TikTok video above, the blue Pym Particle Arrow shrinks the laptop. As such, the arrows follow the simple principle of red for larger and blue for smaller.

The mere existence of the Pym Particle Arrows proves that Pym Technologies has been inventing equipment and weaponry used by Hawkeye and co. Considering that Ant-Man and Hawkeye were on the same team in Captain America: Civl War (2016) and both have families that they care dearly about, the similarities may have served as a bonding moment for the heroes. Scott Lang has clearly been sharing his toys — or at least some trade secrets.

The season finale of Hawkeye is available to watch now on Disney Plus.