Check out these new stills from ‘Moon Knight’

moon knight

Moon Knight arrives next month, and looks like it’s going to be something special.

Whereas previous Disney Plus shows have focused on characters we already know from the movies, Moon Knight will introduce us to a hero unlike anything seen in the MCU. This is Oscar Isaac’s extremely troubled Marc Spector, who deals with dissociative identity disorder and/or an ancient Egyptian god that may or may not live inside his head.

The debut trailer turned heads, with the Super Bowl spot confirming that it’s one to keep an eye on. Now, a new feature in the April edition of Empire Magazine shows off a couple of new stills, which you can see below.

In the top left we see the spooky manifestation of the deity Khonshu, in the top right it seems we’re seeing two of Spector’s personalities speaking with one another, bottom left is a meeting between our protagonist and Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow, and the bottom right appears to show May Calamawy’s Layla on an archaeological dig of some description.

It appears that at least some of the show will see Spector trying to understand his powers. As for Harrow, he’s likely trying to manipulate him for his own evil ends, though the story will also delve into the MCU’s Egyptology and add another pantheon into the mix alongside the Asgardians and Olympians.

If the show can capture the style and offbeat nature of the comics, then we should be in for a winner. Right now, Moon Knight looks like it’ll be relatively loosely linked to wider events in the MCU, but you don’t cast an actor as good as Oscar Isaac without having plans to use him more in the future.

With that in mind, expect big things from Moon Knight when it premieres on March 30.

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