Check Out The Thrilling First Trailer For The Killing Season 4


Next month, Netflix will unveil the fourth and final season of The Killing, a gritty police drama which it rescued from AMC in order to give fans closure about the fates of Seattle detectives Linden (Mireille Enos) and Holder (Joel Kinnaman). The first trailer for that six-episode final season has arrived today – and the results are quite surprising.

One of the things that turned many viewers off The Killing throughout its AMC run was the slow and deliberate pace, which was only accentuated by the perpetually rainy setting. However, this trailer is veritably cinematic, delivering lots of tense line snippets and a highly suspenseful score. This is definitely a different version of The Killing than we’ve seen before (or at least a similar version being marketed in a brand new way).

Of course, the fourth season, which finds Linden and Holder dealing with the fallout from their actions at the end of season three while investigating the new case of a mass murder with ties to a boys’ military academy, is going to be filled with moody visuals, but something tells me that showrunner Veena Sud will be picking up the pace to deliver the thrills with only six episodes.

This trailer doesn’t exactly give viewers a ton of information about what’s coming in the fourth season, but Sud recently told TV Guide:

Season 4 of the investigation takes place in a wealthy part of Seattle, so we’re changing up the world of the victims. We were in a working class family Seasons 1 and 2. We were on the streets in Season 3, and now, we’re in the echelon of power and wealth in Seattle. There is a mass murder and the detectives are fish-out-of-water kind of navigating their way through the world of Seattle’s rich. There is a link to a boy’s military academy that’s basically a holding cell for rich, wayward boys. The head of this all-boys military academy is played by the fabulous Joan Allen and we get to see two very strong, fierce women – Joan Allen and Mireille Enos – go head-to-head.

I’m very excited to see the fourth season of The Killing. It’s great that Netflix is giving the oft-cancelled series a chance to go out on top, and when August 1st rolls around, we’ll find out just what dour drama Sud and company have in store for The Killing‘s loyal fans.