Chief Hopper May Find Love During Stranger Things Season 3


We’ve seen him pine after Joyce Byers and protect Eleven from, well, everything, but for Stranger Things season 3, Chief Jim Hopper may find true love.

Or so says David Harbour, who spoke to TV Guide (h/t Cinema Blend) about next year’s installment, one heavily influenced by the work of John Carpenter, and why he hopes Hopper is able to find a significant other in Hawkins, Indiana sooner rather than later.

It’s this vulnerability that’ll allow Netflix subscribers to empathize with Harbour’s hero that little bit more, with the actor explaining:

I think we’ll start to see him take more risks with these new languages of intimacy and vulnerability and maybe we’ll start to see that he has needs that he hasn’t expressed before. That’s exciting to watch him open up in that way. Of course, he’s going to flail and be horrible at it too, which is always fun as well.

If Hopper’s dance moves are any indication, we reckon he’ll do just fine. Besides, once the third season of Stranger Things begins in earnest, we imagine the sheriff of Hawkins will have bigger fish to fry, particularly as last year’s installment ended with an ominous shot of the Shadow Monster peering out of the clouds.

That spells bad news for Hopper and the gang, though we’ll have to wait a little longer before we return to Hawkins and its newfangled Starcourt, as Netflix has decided to bide its time on Stranger Things season 3 in the name of quality – bigger, better, that kind of thing…

So while a summer 2019 release window was initially a safe bet, now we’re not so sure. More on the Netflix phenom (and Hopper’s potential romance) as season 3 falls into place.

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