Chris Chalk Upgraded To Series Regular For Gotham Season 2


The cast list for Gotham‘s second season continues to grow, as TVLine is reporting that Chris Chalk – who plays Wayne Enterprises employee and future Batman ally Lucius Fox – has been granted the upgraded status of series regular.

Chalk had a small role as Fox at the end of Gotham‘s first year and will make a great addition to the main cast, as there’s plenty of character history to be mined; Fox is just a junior exec of Wayne Enterprises at the moment, but will one day ascend to the role of CEO and aid Bruce Wayne in his crime fighting efforts. After all, he’s already helped Bruce discover what will become the future Batcave and is expected to become an even more important part of the young billionaire’s life next season.

Executive producer John Stephens teased the character’s expanded role by saying the following:

“[Lucius Fox] becomes another person who’s going to help Bruce on his journey to find out what happened to his parents and what his parents were doing, and also his journey to manhood and Batman-hood. [Adult Bruce] is like a science genius, and some of that’s going to come from Lucius Fox.”

Chalk is now the third guest star to nab a bigger role for Gotham‘s second season; Morena Baccarin (who plays Dr. Leslie Thompkins) and Nicholas D’Agosto (Harvey Dent, the future Two Face) will be series regulars as well when the show returns for its sophomore outing.

Gotham will head back to Fox this fall, with an added dose of Lucius Fox.

Source: TVLine