Gotham Promotes Nicholas D’Agosto To Series Regular


Harvey Dent fans rejoice, because Gotham just gave the young Assistant District Attorney a promotion. According to actor Nicholas D’Agosto himself, he’ll be back as the future Two Face next season and this time, he’ll be a series regular:

D’Agosto debuted about halfway through the show’s freshman season and immediately became one of the standout members of the cast. Unfortunately, his involvement in the proceedings and brief partnerships with Jim Gordon amounted to nothing more than fan service – so there’s plenty of room to explore his character further and continue setting up his tragic destiny.

The actor is the second guest star to nab such a promotion; just a few weeks ago, Morena Baccarin was granted series regular status as well. Based on this news and the roster of new foes that will soon make their way to Gotham City, we can expect big things in season two. Whether or not that will lead to a better show, though, remains to be seen.