Chris Evans Reportedly Playing Animated Spider-Man, May Reprise Role In Live-Action

Chris Evans

It’s currently unclear whether Chris Evans will or won’t be back as Captain America in the MCU, but he will apparently be returning to the Marvel world to portray a different iconic superhero instead.

What If…? is an animated anthology series that will allow for fans to experience wholly new takes on familiar characters, with their favorite MCU stars lending their voices to the show. This includes Evans, who’s reportedly voicing an alternate Steve Rogers who’s become… Spider-Man.

Giant Freakin Robot is reporting that their sources tell them the actor will be bringing to life a different version of the web-slinger in What If…? And, if that’s not enough evidence for you, The Brick Fan has also leaked a list of upcoming Marvel LEGO minifigures which include a Steve Rogers as Spider-Man figure, specifically labelled as coming from the animated series. This is just a voice role for the moment, then, but GFR says that there’s a possibility that Evans will reprise the part in live-action at some point.

Alongside Black Panther as Star-Lord, this has to be one of the weirdest What If…? scenarios that the show will present. Some are easy to wrap your head around – like Peggy Carter becoming Captain Britain – but it’s hard to imagine what chain of events could lead Rogers to become Spider-Man. What it does do, though, is tick off yet another comic book role for Evans, who’s already played Captain America and Human Torch for Marvel and appeared in The Losers for DC, among other parts.

Despite his professed innocence, Chris Evans is believed to have hashed out a deal with the studio to cameo in a few future MCU titles, including Doctor Strange 2. GFR speculates that he could even pop up as this ‘Captain Spidey’ in the multiversal sequel. It remains to be seen if that’ll happen, but it’s looking pretty likely that we’ll have this bizarre mash-up to enjoy in What If…?, which debuts its 10-episode first season on Disney Plus sometime later this year.