Watch: First Trailer For Chris Evans’ Crime Drama Defending Jacob

Defending Jacob

On the same day I wrote that we won’t have any new trailers to watch any time soon amidst the coronavirus pandemic, guess what I’m here to introduce. The ever professional professional at your constant service.

There’s a new miniseries making its way to Apple TV+, upcoming crime drama Defending Jacob. The series will star Chris Evans and Michelle Dockery as parents dealing with the accusation that their 14-year-old son is a murderer. Cheery stuff. Fancy a peek? Hopefully you do, as the peek in question is situated above the text, though I doubt you need me to tell you where it is. I just did? Add insulting the intelligence of the reader to my list of heresies, I guess.

Defending Jacob will premiere on April 24th, which is just under a month from the release of this trailer. See you in a month for the show’s debut, then. Actually, truth be told, I don’t have Apple TV+, nor do I have any desire to check out the series. It’s just going to be you I’m afraid. Sincerest apologies. Let me know how good it is, though. Comments sections are there for a reason.

In any case, this’ll certainly make a change for Chris Evans, I don’t remember Captain America dealing with anything quite that harrowing in his on-screen adventures. As for Michelle Dockery, I caught her most recently in Guy Ritchie’s latest flic The Gentlemen, which is not a film I was particularly enthused by, mind you. May Defending Jacob be a step-up from that effort.

Ah, already used the comments line, did I? Though more specifically, I was inviting comments for a series that hasn’t come out yet. That was a future comment invite, which leaves me in the clear to use my usual line. So, feel free to leave a comment about, er, Defending Jacob, that’s the one, down below and let us know if you’ll be tuning in for it.