Chris O’Dowd Will Star In The Get Shorty TV Show


Not too long ago, we caught wind of a Get Shorty TV show being developed over at EPIX. An adaptation of both Elmore Leonard’s novel and Barry Sonnenfeld’s great 1995 film, the dark comedy is set to take things in a bit of a different direction, as it won’t feature Ernest “Chili” Palmer. Instead, it’s focused on Miles Daly, a former Nevada mobster who will be played by Chris O’Dowd.

That’s according to Deadline, who report that the actor is about to ink a deal for the role alongside Ray Romano, who’s eyeing the part of a “burnt out producer of trashy films,” – the character that Gene Hackman played in the movie.

As we mentioned above, the show won’t follow the source material beat for beat, as it will instead centre around Miles, who gets into movie producing in hopes of giving his daughter a better life. However, his criminal past soon catches up with him as he gets caught up in the “crazy maze of Hollywood.” Sounds similar then, but not an exact replica of the 1995 film, or the original novel.

With the show set to premiere next summer, under the eye of Davey Holmes (who’s worked on Pushing Daisies and Shameless, among others), we’ll no doubt start to hear more casting news shortly. For now, though, O’Dowd and Romano are certainly a solid start, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing how the Get Shorty TV series develops as it barrels towards it production start date, which is set for some time this fall.